Cuvée Winemaker of Excellence Award Nomination Form

Cuvée Winemaker of Excellence Nomination Form

  • Fill in all required fields below and submit. Additional supporting documents and/or supplementary information should be emailed to, along with your nomination details. Supporting documents could include, for example, any published pieces to demonstrate your nominees promotion within the industry, community engagement and/or a list of awards received.
  • NOMINATOR Details

  • NOMINEE Details:

  • The nominee will be evaluated in the following categories:
  • 1. Leadership in the wine industry, including: a. Promotion or examples of supporting education to further benefit the VQA wine industry; b. Research, development and/or innovative approaches that advance VQA wines; c. Mentorship of other winemakers to enhance and enrich peers; d. Community engagement as it pertains to the VQA wine industry.
  • 2. Excellence in VQA winemaking as demonstrated through awards, domestic and international.
  • Winner will be notified in advance of the Cuvée Grand Tasting and will receive an invitation to attend, along with a guest, to receive the award.

    Date of the Cuvée Grand Tasting: March 23, 2018